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Chaparral,  Textiles,  Dont Tread On Me - patch, - Coast Modern
Chaparral,  Textiles,  Dont Tread On Me - patch, - Coast Modern

Dont Tread On Me - patch

From Chaparral Studio and inspired by the the Gadsden flag, a historical American banner with a yellow field depicting a rattlesnake coiled and ready to strike our DONT TREAD ON ME patch instead features our California state flowers, Poppies!

In recent years a great deal of effort has been put fourth by conservationist and plant appreciators alike to protect the growth of the California Poppy. Unfortunately the allure of hills fully loaded with this beautiful flower has attracted an abuse of preserves that were intended to be observed from a trail. Many seeking the perfect selfie have trampled plants for the sake of vanity and as a result our poppies are in danger. Our patch was not designed to shame but to educate fellow flower lovers that these natural beauties are fragile therefore resist the urge to step on them further harming an eco system that we want to treasure for many many years to come!
Spread the word with us and apply your patch to your favorite piece of clothing in celebration of nature and the importance of preservation!

This rectangular patch measures 3.5” x 2.75".

The back of the patch does not have any adhesive therefore it is easy to sew on or can be applied using various methods such as iron transfer paper or velcro. They can be applied to customize denim jackets or jeans, backpacks, hats, tote bags or wherever you desire.

Plant Nerd Fun Fact: The official state flower, also known as Eschscholzia californica is actually considered to be a weed on land used for agriculture. Yet they are a welcomed weed because the presence of poppies indicates that the soil is fertile and able to support growth. Their seeds have an incredible life span which some cases poppy seeds will remain active in soil for up to 8 years!