MS Viper fins

MS Viper Fins Sale
MS Viper fins Sale
MS Viper Fins Sale
MS Viper fins Sale

MS Viper fins

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Designed and worn by 9 times world champ Mike Stewart. These fins have years of wave riding experience behind their design, construction and function.

  • 100% Natural Rubber, so they float and you can easily spot them if lost.
  • Wider, shorter blade design for quick acceleration
  • Beveled sidewalls improve control.
  • Mike Stewart Delta Blade, improves control and reduces drag
  • Drainage Holes for Grit and Sand
  • Rivet Grip Traction Bottom for grip on slippery rock jump offs, yet wont snag onto coral or sharp objects
  • Orange Dot MSVipers are a great feeling softer fin to the Yellow dot that is firm
  • Boxed in a sturdy recycled cardboard and printed with soy base ink


About: Mike Stewart is a nine-time World Champion bodyboarder, one of the early pioneers of the bodyboarding sport, a pioneer of big-wave tow-in surfing and also a champion bodysurfer. MSViper surfing fins are the best made. 


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