Friday & River Candle


Friday & River Candle


The Friday & River Candle "Woodland Cabin" combines woody notes of pine, palo santo and a touch of patchouli for a warm and crisp scent. Reminiscent of a long hike in the forest along the Pacific coast, it has accents of sweet berries and spices with citrus and mint undertones.

It conjures memories of camping in a quaint rustic cabin deep in the forest.

Friday & River Candle scents are developed in their San Diego workshop. 

  • Hand poured in small batches in San Diego, California
  • Leather wrapped reusable vessel
  • High quality essential oils
  • Natural soy wax
  • Cotton wick
  • 11oz
  • 4” tall x 3.25” wide
  • Approx. 60 hour burn time
  • Made in USA

Soy candles, which are made of natural vegetable oil, burn cleaner, slower, and are better for the environment than petroleum-based (paraffin) candles. 

 Always burn your candle within sight, away from children and drafts, and never burn a candle near or on something that can catch fire. Trim wick to 1/4” before lighting.


About:  Founded in 2011 by husband and wife team Joe Freitag & Yumi Kawamura, the name Friday & River is drawn from our own names - “Friday” in German and “Big River Town” in Japanese. 

Based in San Diego, California, fusing traditional western durability and the minimal design ethos of Japan, we make well-designed, thoughtful, high quality goods with the best materials, built to last for generations.

We also want to make the world a better place, a portion of proceeds go to support charity. Each piece of leather is special and possesses its own marks, color, grain, etc, and may vary depending on the piece it is cut from.Each stone can vary in shade, texture and pattern.

Following the tradition of craftsmanship of both western and Japanese cultures, each finished piece may have its own unique bench marks from being carefully handcrafted.These things are not imperfections, but elements that make no two pieces exactly alike.

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