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The World Needs Closed Denim

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The World Need Denim - Closed denim Jeans - Coast Modern

We love jeans. An integral part of the Closed DNA, our denim is produced in the country where the world’s best weaving, sewing and washing factories are based: Italy. A long-lasting relationship with our Italian partners turned into a family-like liaison: not only do we know each other well, we can also rely on one another.
This sustainable and close connection between design and production is in the heart of our brand and the key to our bespoke quality. Known for both their love of tradition and customized craftsmanship, our partners have been passing down the knowledge and skills from generation to generation.
The World Need Denim


From a sketch to the final product: while one of our partners, CANDIANI – masters of traditional Italian weaving – produces the denim fabric, Paul SPA – a family-run sewing business with 70 employees – is responsible for the exquisite hand-made designs.
There is an expert for every step in the process: as somebody takes care of our signature fly label on the zipper, somebody else is in charge of the triple stitching or for hand-cutting our denims. It takes a total of 22 specialists to produce Closed signature Pedal Pushers, and each pair is an example of genuine craftsmanship.
Closed denim Jeans - Coast ModernClosed denim Jeans - Coast Modern


The key to the perfect pair of jeans is the perfect wash. To get the best possible results, we collaborate with Lavanderia Everest, an Italian laundry located near Venice. Our partner for more than a decade, this company stands for hand-made quality and is responsible for creating the best used-look effects. Specialists in denim treatment, their expert team makes sure that all of our jeans look identical, even though produced by hand – a true work of art!
After having been sewn, the jeans arrive from Paul SPA in Ancona to get their first treatment: rips with sand paper, leaving them looking as if they have been worn for years. Small holes and tears are then added to the seams and pocket edges. After the used look has been created, our jeans are put into washing machines together with 60 kilograms of small stones. This world famous stone-wash procedure was invented by Closed in the 80’s and still remains the best technique for achieving that authentic distressed look. For lightening the jeans, we use an environmentally friendly ozone-wash, and where necessary, smaller areas are bleached by a special potassium permanganate spray gun. Stylishly finished, our denims go through one more cycle of washing and drying and there they are: the perfect Closed jeans.
Closed denim Jeans - Coast Modern
Closed Denim Jeans

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