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Founded by Jennifer M. Volland and Wendy Thomas Russell, writers and entrepreneurs, BPP seeks to fill the gap between traditional and indie publishing by developing and producing well-designed, well-written and well-marketed books.

Brown Paper Press
Gone are the days when the Big Six publishing houses set the agenda for the entire industry; Amazon has effectively changed the rules of the game. Although the big houses still benefit from the deepest pockets and the best distribution arrangements, the meteoric rise of e-book technology and Amazon's influence on the market has meant belt-tightening across the board. Most authors with most publishing houses are asked to carry the lion's share of the book promotion themselves with little or no compensation — and, because platform is king, celebrity-driven books are constantly beating out wonderful writing by unknown authors. Niches full of passionate book buyers are overlooked. And books that don't immediately gain traction are put out to pasture or just put out of print entirely. 
Brown Paper Press - The Inheritance of Shame - Coast Modern

Small presses long have been an indispensable part of the publishing industry — more open to risk-taking and less tied to commercial success than large publishing houses. They are credited with bringing some of the world’s most provocative and thoughtful writing to the printed page. In addition, small presses are known for developing close, supportive and enduring relationships with their authors and their communities; launching book promotion plans that last months, even years, longer than that of traditional publishers; rewarding authors with generous royalties; and involving authors in the behind-the-scenes decisions, such as marketing strategies and design.

Brown Paper Press - I'm Dyin' HereBrown Paper Press - Burden by Water

In short, what small presses lack in name recognition, they more than make up for in passion, creativity and flexibility. We are thrilled to be a part of such a worthy tradition.

Brown Paper Press

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