Knot Sisters New in Shop Fall Collection

Fall-forward florals, layered looks, and menswear-inspired styling prove edge is in this season. Shop these looks on our website or at our shop in Seal Beach.

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About: Knot Sisters

Named after their constant confusion for sisters, longtime friends and designers Jamie Reese and Cheryl Brubaker launched Knot Sisters in 2012. Blending west coast ease and east coast edge, Knot Sisters pairs feminine styling with masculine elements to create styles that are made to mix and match.  Pieces are wearable, versatile, and perfectly undone, making them ideal to dress up or down. 

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VISUAL LANGUAGE by Riley Donahue

Riley Donahue who is a second year film student at Cal State Long Beach has a passion for film photography, fashion, and music. Chances are if you drop by Coast Modern you may see Riley helping out in the shop. If you would like to discover more of Riley's work check out Mad Sounds Magazine online as well as Nordik Creative.

Follow his Instagram at @rileyjdonahue

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VISUAL LANGUAGE riley donahue Coast Modern.JPG

Charles & Ray Eames

Coast Modern "Take Your Pleasure Seriously"

Charles and Ray Eames are among the most important American designers of the 20th century.  Recognizing the need, Charles Eames said, is the primary condition for design. Early in their careers together, Charles and Ray identified the need for affordable, yet high-quality furniture for the average consumer—furniture that could serve a variety of uses. For forty years the Eameses experimented with ways to meet this challenge, designing flexibility into their compact storage units and collapsible sofas for the home; seating for stadiums, airports, and schools; and chairs for virtually anywhere.

Meet the Maker: Bradley Mountain

Bradley Mountain

How it all started:

The adventure began in a garage in Ocean Beach in 2012 when Tyler Axtell began to design and make products one at a time. His perspective on design is all self taught. The products that he made were things that he did not see on the market, but wanted for himself.

Bradley Mountain

Bradley Mountain is based in San Diego, CA. We are currently a team of 4. Each of us are craftsmen and love what we do. While we are known for our bag collection, we are a lifestyle brand. We make things like the Utility Roll and the Adventure Log to help people in practical ways have a simple set of tools to tackle their dreams and goals. All of our products are made in the US. We source natural materials and work hard to create durable goods that could even outlast you!

Bradley Mountain

Bradley Mountain is a fictitious place where we can all cast our dreams. It helps us to have a physical location to get our dreams moving. Think about that last trip you took. It probably started coming together when you picked a destination, picked dates, and then filled in the gaps. We want to provide a platform for inspiration like that. There is so much going on in our day to day, and sometimes our dreams fall through the cracks. We are here to draw a line in the sand and say “It’s time!”. 

We want to bring you the best gear (in function, durability, and aesthetic) for your adventures. The goal with Bradley Mountain is to inspire a fresh perspective on modern adventure, beyond just traveling and camping, and into our daily lives. We believe that the world is beautiful everywhere each of us are placed and it just takes a bit of encouragement to see it that way. We hope that our hard work brings you that fresh perspective.

Bradley Mountain


Closed Denim

We love jeans. An integral part of the Closed DNA, our denim is produced in the country where the world’s best weaving, sewing and washing factories are based: Italy. A long-lasting relationship with our Italian partners turned into a family-like liaison: not only do we know each other well, we can also rely on one another. This sustainable and close connection between design and production is in the heart of our brand and the key to our bespoke quality. Known for both their love of tradition and customized craftsmanship, our partners have been passing down the knowledge and skills from generation to generation.

Closed Denim
Closed Denim Sewing
Closed Denim
Closed Denim


From a sketch to the final product: while one of our partners, CANDIANI – masters of traditional Italian weaving – produces the denim fabric, Paul SPA – a family-run sewing business with 70 employees – is responsible for the exquisite hand-made designs. There is an expert for every step in the process: as somebody takes care of our signature fly label on the zipper, somebody else is in charge of the triple stitching or for hand-cutting our denims. It takes a total of 22 specialists to produce Closed signature Pedal Pushers, and each pair is an example of genuine craftsmanship.

Closed Denim Stone wash
Closed Denim



The key to the perfect pair of jeans is the perfect wash. To get the best possible results, we collaborate with Lavanderia Everest, an Italian laundry located near Venice. Our partner for more than a decade, this company stands for hand-made quality and is responsible for creating the best used-look effects. Specialists in denim treatment, their expert team makes sure that all of our jeans look identical, even though produced by hand – a true work of art!

After having been sewn, the jeans arrive from Paul SPA in Ancona to get their first treatment: rips with sand paper, leaving them looking as if they have been worn for years. Small holes and tears are then added to the seams and pocket edges. After the used look has been created, our jeans are put into washing machines together with 60 kilograms of small stones. This world famous stone-wash procedure was invented by Closed in the 80’s and still remains the best technique for achieving that authentic distressed look. For lightening the jeans, we use an environmentally friendly ozone-wash, and where necessary, smaller areas are bleached by a special potassium permanganate spray gun. Stylishly finished, our denims go through one more cycle of washing and drying and there they are: the perfect Closed jeans.

Closed Denim


The Porter Key Knife is designed to last, and built to blend in with your current key setup. It’s a knife that assists in your everyday life without getting in the way and a bottle opener that’s always with you when you need to unwind.

The thoughtfully designed, buy-for-life pen that won't break the bank. Works with Pilot G2 and Fisher Space Pen refill cartridges.

Includes everything needed to use both Pilot G2 (.38mm, .5mm, .7mm or 1.0mm) and Fisher Space Pen refills (Medium, Fine or Bold).

Katin USA

California's original surf company and lifestyle brand dedicated to quality, durability and good looks since 1954. Whether adventure leads you above or below sea level, on a surfboard, the top of a mountain or anywhere in between, Katin invites you to embrace an experience. #SeeYouOutThere


In 1954, Nancy and Walter Katin opened a small boat cover business called Kanvas by Katin in Surfside, California, just north of Huntington Beach. Walter, a tenaciously friendly man, both short and robust, always donned an iconic ensemble of a powder-blue jumpsuits zipped up to the neck with a captain’s hat. Earning the nickname the “Captain,” for both his style and passion for sailing his boat “The Southern Seas,”  proudly took on the title of craftsman within the business. Walter’s wife, Nancy, standing less than five feet tall, yet possessing a personality far greater than her stature and had a mind brighter than her crimson hair, was the salesperson.

Walter and Nancy’s canvas boat covers were practically bulletproof, using hundred-pound-test, waxed-nylon thread and nickel grommets. Locals soon took note of these sturdy canvas covers and sought alternate uses for the canvas.

After special requests from a select few friends, the “Captain” constructed a couple custom boat shorts. Although impressed with the short’s design, Walter chose to continue his focus on the canvas boat covers. However, a couple years later, things were about to quickly change for the Katins when a local teen, a “wave rider” as surfers were originally called, walked into the Katin’s shop asking for a new kind of short, made specifically for surfing, using the same indestructible canvas as covers. The young surfer explained his struggles with surfing in cut off jeans, and how he found that the denim threads would unravel quickly, leaving him nearly nude when exiting the water. This determined teenager’s name was Corky Carroll, who unbeknownst to Walter, would go on to be one of the world’s first professional surfers, and the custom surf trunks Walter made for Corky would become one of California’s first surf trunks.

After Walter’s canvas surf trunk creation for Corky, word spread like wildfire throughout the watermen world, and soon, Walter’s shop flooded with young surfers seeking their own pair of canvas trunks. In true Walter fashion, he personally measured and tailored each pair of custom surf trunks for every surfer. Overwhelmed with hopeful wave riders pleading for a pair of trunks, Walter sought the help of a local skillful seamstress, who, is still the shop seamstress today.

The sport of surfing reached mainstream popularity in the mid-1960s with the help of the film and television show Gidget and the music of the Beach Boys. The Katins were firmly entrenched in the surfing community and known for creating the best surf trunks around.

Champion surfers of the time,  Shaun Tomson, Peter Townend, Reno Abelliro and Gerry Lopez, to name a few, wore Katin surf trunks, purely out of passion and deeply rooted respect for these impressive trunks, and love for their creators, Walter and Nancy. Even notorious surfer Eddie Aikau was photographed wearing Katin surf trunks.

Passionate about all things surf, the Katin couple helped sponsor early California surf contests and organizations, including the "Katin Underdog Contest" for competitors who had never won a contest. When Walter passed away in 1967, Nancy not only kept the surf shop business intact, but she also expanded her involvement in the surf world by providing surfing scholarships. She even went on to start the Katin Pro/Am Team Challenge in 1977. The annual Pro/Am held at the Huntington Beach Pier not only featured some of the world’s best surfers, but also provided an arena for the young, talented surfers from beaches all across the U.S. to compete alongside their heroes.

By the early 1980s, the surf industry had officially skyrocketed, and many manufactures were quick to take advantage of the trend, aggressively attacking the market with advertising and worldwide surf promotional blitzes. Though there were many offers made to Nancy to sell her business, she was determined to keep Katin a cherished surf haven for all. Nancy continued to make the surf trunks in the back room of the Surfside Kanvas by Katin store, selling them up front and relying on the existing loyal network of surf shops for additional distribution.

Over time, Nancy became known as the “First Lady of Surfing,” not only because of her quality clothing, but also because she genuinely befriended the surfers that came to her shop, and even acted as second mom to most. Despite the initial local dislike for the sport of surfing, Nancy always made sure that Katin’s small surf shop had a counter, with a couch and chairs, for any and all surfers to kick back, relax and swap stories.

Sadly, in 1986 Nancy passed away, leaving the surf industry and all of the Katin-wearing surfers with a heavy heart. However, when Nancy passed, she left the company to Sato Hughes, her loyal seamstress since 1961, who is still sewing strong today at that very same Kanvas by Katin surf shop at Sunset Beach.

Sato and her son Glenn have since continued to run the original surf shop with the same love, dedication and care as Nancy and Walter, sewing custom surf trunks with the same quality, durability and good looks since 1954.


California-based Norden Goods

California-based home goods brand Norden is run by husband and wife pair Erika and Pete Panciera. Each product they design and produce is inspired by their past experiences, memories, and travels.

In their words..."We try to support local manufacturers and source the best products and materials we can find.  Our stoneware containers are hand thrown in Encinitas, CA. Candles are poured in our studio using U.S.A. produced soy wax and a blend of essential oils and high quality fragrance oils."

Norden's aim is to capture that feeling in each and every one of the products thery make.  In a world filled with disposable goods, Norden strives to provide heritage quality products that can be passed down for generations.

Norden Goods
Norden Goods
Norden Goods

Seal Beach Book Signing Event

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Coast Modern is honored to present Tim Grobaty and Alan Rifkin who will be signing copies of their respective books — I'm Dyin' Here: A Life in the Paper and Burdens by Water: An Unintended Memoir.
Mark your calendars and join us for an event not to be missed!

Saturday, April 30, 2016
4:00pm - 6:00pm
219 Main St.  Seal Beach, Ca.